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2 days ago · Citizenship, Community Mental Health, and the Common Good.

Abstract In this article, we address the issue of community mental health and the common good via an applied theory of citizenship to support the social inclusion, empowerment, and inclusion of persons diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. We begin by discussing citizenship, and the concept of the common good, [...]

Tue, May 23 2:10pm · Patient Perspectives of Barriers and Facilitators of Treatment-Seeking Behaviors for Stroke Care

Objective: Delays in seeking treatment for stroke care are associated with greater disability and reductions in stroke outcomes. The objective of this study was to qualitatively examine facilitators and barriers to urgently seeking stroke-related care. Methods: A qualitative analytic approach was used to explore facilitators and barriers to seeking stroke [...]

Wed, Feb 8 3:08pm · Catch up on our archived webinars to learn [...]

Catch up on our archived webinars to learn more about NCATS #SBIR/#STTR support & #smallbiz funding opps.

— NCATS (@ncats_nih_gov) February 8, 2017 [...]

Oct 14, 2016 · Community Engagement for Identifying Cancer Education Needs in Puerto Rico

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Puerto Rico, suggesting a need for improved strategies, programs, and resources devoted to cancer prevention. Enhanced prevention needs in Puerto Rico were initially identified in pilot studies conducted by the Ponce School of Medicine (PSM) in collaboration with the H. Lee Moffitt [...]

Sep 30, 2016 · Healthcare Hashtag Project

Healthcare Hashtag Project, a free open platform for patients, caregivers, advocates, doctors and other providers that connects them to relevant conversations and communities. Learn More [...]

Sep 13, 2016 · Advertisement Involving under-served groups in web-based research a struggle, study finds

Natalie McGill Researchers face challenges in retaining underserved populations for web-based research, a recent study finds. The findings were published online July 28 in Genetics in Medicine. A study that provided online genetic ancestry results to participants found that low-income Americans and people who did not finish [...]

Sep 8, 2016 · Discuss a national topic: Marijuana use among youth

Discuss a National Topic: Marijuana use Among youth

— Community Engagement (@mayoclinic_cenr) September 30, 2015 [...]
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