July 17, 2014

Development of Methods for Engaging Patients with a Range of Disabilities in Patient Advisory Committees

By Miguel Valdez Soto



Stakeholders with disabilities are typically engaged in studies that only: focus on a specific disability, address rehabilitation care, and use restrictive qualitative methods. We aim to evaluate methods for engaging patients with a range of disabilities in an advisory committee focused on healthcare equity.

We will use Participatory Action Research (PAR) methodology to engage 15 people with a range of disabilities in a research patient advisory committee. An ongoing study on healthcare disparities will be used as a “test” study. Monthly meetings will include in-person meetings with multiple accommodations and online discussion boards.

Anticipated Outcomes and Products
(1) An independent patient advisory committee of patients with a range of disabilities, (2) a grant proposal, and (3) guidelines for engaging patients with a range of disabilities.

This study will develop the first practical guidelines for how to engage people with a range of disabilities in a patient advisory committee around the topic of healthcare equity.

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