October 29, 2018

Building Bridges for Asthma Care Program: A School-Centered Program Connecting Schools, Families, and Community Health-Care Providers

By Miguel Valdez Soto

Asthma imposes tremendous burden on children, families, and society. Successful management requires coordinated care among children, families, health providers, and schools. Building Bridges for Asthma Care Program, a school-centered program to coordinate care for successful asthma management, was developed, implemented, and evaluated. The program consists of five steps: (1) identify students with asthma; (2) assess asthma risk/control; (3) engage the family and student at risk; (4) provide case management and care coordination, including engagement of health-care providers; and (5) prepare for next school year. Implementation occurred in 28 schools from two large urban school districts in Colorado and Connecticut. Significant improvements were noted in the proportions of students with completed School Asthma Care Plans, a quick-relief inhaler at school, Home Asthma Action/Treatment Plans and inhaler technique (p < .01 for all variables). Building Bridges for Asthma Care was successfully implemented extending asthma care to at-risk children with asthma through engagement of schools, health providers, and families.

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