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Mayo Clinic offers a number of online courses to increase knowledge and application of community-engaged research methods.

Community Engaged Research – An Overview

What is Community Engaged Research (CEnR)? In this module we will define CEnR , highlight the differences between CEnR and traditional research and provide a brief overview of the components within CEnR.

Foundations of Community Engagement in Research

Who is considered a stakeholder and why is it important to include stakeholders in Community Engagement in Research? What are the principles to follow within Community Engagement in Research? In this module we will define what a stakeholder is, identify stakeholders along the passive to engaged spectrum and provide principles you should follow when beginning Community Engagement in Research. Originally released Aug 1, 2014; credit expires Dec. 31, 2016.

Overcoming Barriers in Community Engagement in Research

Researchers and their collaborative stakeholder partners who are engaged in the research process have an invested interest in meeting unmet healthcare needs. Their level of community engagement in the research process may include the introduction of unforeseen barriers that may impede the success and sustainability of their project(s). This module will identify strategies to overcome these barriers. Originally released July 1, 2012; renewed January 31, 2018; credit expires Dec. 31, 2018.

  • Presenter: Joyce (Joy) E. Balls-Berry, Ph.D.
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  • Are You Ready? Measuring Readiness and Preparing to Engage
    Determining how to apply levels of engagement with stakeholders is critical to the success of a community engagement in research project. In this module, we will provide an overview and resources in order to gain awareness, prepare, implement, disseminate and maintain stakeholders' engagement throughout the research project. Originally released January. 1, 2018; credit expires Dec. 31, 2018.
  • Presenter: Joyce (Joy) E. Balls-Berry, Ph.D.
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The Art of Community Outreach: A Targeted Approach
Community outreach connects medical institutes, academic researchers and stakeholders to build awareness and develop and action plan to address community health needs. Outreach can span from the delivery of services to the dissemination of information. In this module, we will describe community outreach as a component of community-engaged research and the important of community outreach in order to meet unmet health care needs. Originally released Oct. 1, 2015; credit expires Dec. 31, 2016.

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