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New educational module. Are you ready to engage?

By Miguel Valdez Soto

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A crowdsourced guide to successful community engagement - commsgodigital

By Miguel Valdez Soto

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How Public Policy Can Support Collective Impact

By Miguel Valdez Soto

How Public Policy Can Support Collective Impact, a new learning brief co-authored by FSG and the Forum for Youth Investment and published with the Collective Impact Forum, provides examples and recommendations of public policies that use funding streams, regulations, reporting and auditing practices, and interdepartmental collaboration to enable communities to apply the collective impact approach to tackling complex social problems.

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Four Insights on How Collective Impact, Community Engagement & Racial Equity Intersect

By Miguel Valdez Soto

This essay was originally posted to Living Cities' blog on July 24, 2014.

At Living Cities, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to change the systems that consistently produce poverty, income inequality, and all their related disparities. One of our core beliefs is that the seemingly intractable problems facing cities today can only be addressed when decision-makers from across different sectors come together around a common vision to re-engineer the systems that produce these outcomes in the first place. This approach - also known as collective impact - is one that Living Cities has been testing in the social sector over the past several years. learn more

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The e-Patient Takes a Turn at ‘Professor’

By Miguel Valdez Soto

Dave deBronkart once led a riveted TED talk audience in a chant of, “Let patients help!” On that same stage, he gave a brief performance of the “Give me my ____ data” rap (penned in his honor). At Mayo Clinic’s Transform symposium, he presented a talk called “I Love My Doctor.” Now the author, speaker and tireless advocate for patients everywhere will do something truly unexpected. Next spring, he’ll be a Visiting Professor at Mayo Clinic......learn more

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Community engagement education opportunities!

By Miguel Valdez Soto

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