CCaTS Community Engagement in Research

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@MsWZ great presentation tks @edm_ah for this webinar [...]

By Miguel Valdez Soto

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A New Year's resolution you can accomplish! New Free [...]

By Miguel Valdez Soto

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What are the best practices for conducting community engaged research with diverse stakeholders communities

By Miguel Valdez Soto

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The Use of Social Networking Sites for Public Health Practice and Research: A Systematic Review

By Miguel Valdez Soto


Background: Social networking sites (SNSs) have the potential to increase the reach and efficiency of essential public health services, such as surveillance, research, and communication.

Article ...

Tags: Community Engaged Research, Community Engagement, Social Media

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New educational module. Are you ready to engage?

By Miguel Valdez Soto

Tags: Community Base Participatory Research, Community Engaged Research, education, partnerships

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A crowdsourced guide to successful community engagement - commsgodigital

By Miguel Valdez Soto

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How Public Policy Can Support Collective Impact

By Miguel Valdez Soto

How Public Policy Can Support Collective Impact, a new learning brief co-authored by FSG and the Forum for Youth Investment and published with the Collective Impact Forum, provides examples and recommendations of public policies that use funding streams, regulations, reporting and auditing practices, and interdepartmental collaboration to enable communities to apply the collective impact approach to tackling complex social problems.

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Tags: Community Engagement, education, Public policy, collaboration, collective impact

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